Tips & Inspiration from Blogger Category Judge – Rachel Hamilton



Rachel Hamilton, author of ‘The Case of the Exploding Loo’, shares tips and inspiring insights to help you impress our judges with your Blogger Category entry! As a Blogger category judge Rachel will be helping to choose who wins the life changing prize from our sponsor Penguin Random House UK! We asked Rachel:

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Meet Blogger Category Judge and Author – Rachel Hamilton

 expert judges_meet rachel

Join us in welcoming the newest member of our expert judging panel, Rachel Hamilton!  Rachel is the talented author behind ‘The Case of the Exploding Loo’, the first in a series of children’s books published by Simon and Schuster. Rachel will be judging the Blogger category and will help decide who will win the life changing prize from Penguin Random House UK!

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What did kids get for Christmas? Clothes, tablets, and lots of money

In SuperAwesome’s Christmas Present Survey, run during the first week of January, money (of pretty high value) was the most common gift for kids, while those unwrapping tablets or eReaders on Christmas Day outnumbered their friends getting Smartphones.




  • 60% of the children we asked (ranging from 8-16) received money as a present this Christmas
  • It appears that the age of the crumpled five-pound note from granddad appears to be over: 29% of those who got cash presents were given more than £100
  • Only 20%, in contrast, got less than £20


  • The next most common gift after money was clothes
  • Over half the kids we asked (56%) got new clothes for Christmas this year, coming in ahead of ‘declining’ products whose hold remains strong: books (45%) and DVDs (37%)

Electronic devices

  • Constant chatter about the imminent reign of tablets seems to be somewhat justified
  • 18% of the kids we asked were given a tablet or eReader for Christmas, 5% more than received Smartphones (14%)
  • These devices also seem to have had the most impact
  • When asked which category their favourite present was in, the ‘tablets and eReader’ category came first, with 10% of all kids (48% of all those who got them) naming these as their favourite presents

We asked kids to tell us what exactly their favourite present was and were met with a sea of electronic gadgets, from Xbox Ones to Hudls (see below). Squint hard and you might just be able to make out an ordinary toy.



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