Who did actual kids vote for at the BAFTA Children’s Awards 2016?

The British Academy Children’s Awards is one of the most anticipated events in the UK kids’ industry and beyond, attracting and celebrating the very best of children’s entertainment across all screens. This year, we were called upon to help shape some of the nominee shortlists; the results are in and it has been another phenomenal year.


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NaturalMotion Games sponsors the Animation category, offering an amazing prize!



While the Future8 Awards entries are being judged, we are pleased to announce that NaturalMotion Games, the hit mobile games developer, has partnered with The Future8 Awards to exclusively sponsor the Animation category – and they are offering a unique and exclusive prize to the winner!

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Meet Animation Category Judge Jocelyn Stevenson!


Today we welcome Jocelyn Stevenson to the Future8 judging panel as our expert Animation Category Judge. Jocelyn has over 40 years of experience working in children’s television as a writer, creator and producer. In the past she has worked for the Children’s Television Workshop (the producers of Sesame Street) in New York, and was the Executive Creative Producer for Film and TV Projects at Mind Candy. With so much experience in her field we are very lucky to have Jocelyn’s support in judging and supporting young animators throughout the Future8 Awards.

Jocelyn, how would you describe your career?
“Many, many years producing, creating, writing children’s television.  Did I say “many, many years”?  I meant many, many, MANY years.”

Could you tell us about some of the highlights in your career so far?  
“I was one of the co-creators of Fraggle Rock, possibly the most amazing job I’ve ever had.  I created, wrote, produced a number of TV series for the Henson Company:  The Ghost of Faffner Hall, Mopatop’s Shop, The Animal Show with Stinky and Jake.  I love puppets.  But I also love animation.  A show I co-created a few years ago – What’s Your News? (a news show for 4-6 year olds where the news was their news) – was produced using motion capture – the combination of puppetry and animation.”

Over the course of your career, you must have gained some insights. How do you think technology and creativity are linked?
“Creativity and technology have always been linked – even when the technology was a pencil and paper or a hammer and saw.  Technology without creativity is just a tool sitting there with nothing to do.”

Check out Jocelyn’s Tips & Inspiration here!!

If you, like Jocelyn, are crazy about animation across film and TV then this is the opportunity for you! To enter The Future8 Awards Animation Category simply create and film your own animation! You can use stop motion (by moving toys, figurines or anything you can think of to create a story) or use 2D or 3D animation using software such as Moviestorm!

To enter, just head over to TheFuture8.com and select the Animation Category for a run down of all you need to submit your application! Remember to include description of how you made your film and your passion for animation, to really show Jocelyn that the once in a lifetime prize should go to you! Keep your eyes and ears peeled  –  the prize announcement will be unveiled soon!!


Want to animate using Moviestorm? Get your free extended download trial of their animation software for all Future8 entrants!

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Tips & Inspiration from Animation Category Judge Jocelyn Stevenson


Jocelyn Stevenson, has worked in Children’s television as a writer, creator and producer for over 40 years! And today she joins The Future8 Awards as our judge for the Animation Category. Having worked on the likes of Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, Bob The Builder, The Hoobs and many more. We are thrilled that Jocelyn is judging the Animation Category and choosing the talented winner! We asked Jocelyn to share some of her expertise, tips and advice with aspiring animators and Future8 entrants. Not to be missed!

What will you be looking for in Future8 Animation Category entries?
“I’m interested in originality and the ability to tell a good story.  And it doesn’t hurt to have a good sense of humour.”

Have you got any tips or advice for entrants?
“One of the keys to telling a good story is making your audience care.  And who do they care about?  Your main character.  There are four questions you can ask yourself when constructing a story:  Whose story is it?  What does she want?  Who or what is making it difficult for her to get what she wants?  What does she learn?  And there are two questions you can ask yourself when creating a character:  What are her obsessions?  What are her vulnerabilities?”


If you’re an aspiring animator or perhaps you just love telling stories, enter The Future8 Awards Animation Category! Simply create an animation using stop motion, 2D or 3D animation, upload your animation to YouTube (you may need an adults permission) and attach the URL to the online application form. To really impress Jocelyn be sure to describe how you made your animation and why you should win, in the description box! Remember there’s a once in a lifetime prize in the animation industry up for grabs! Keep an eye on Twitter @TheFuture_8 to be the first to find out what the awesome prize entails. To be unveiled soon!!

Good luck! Get Animating!

Find out more about Jocelyn and her fascinating career here!

Tips & Inspiration from Mobile App Judge – Iza Login



Iza Login, the Co-Founder and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Outfit7 and one of Future8’s expert judges, shares her tips and inspiration for entrants and tells us what she’s looking for in a winning entry! If you want to impress Iza and rock the Mobile App category read this! Plus check out the life-changing prize, courtesy of Outfit7, here!! Continue reading

Meet Mobile App Judge – Iza Login

expert judges_meet iza

Outfit7 CEO Iza Login Joins our Judging Panel!

This week we unveiled Outfit7 as The Future8 Awards Mobile App Sponsor! Following on from that exciting announcement we’re delighted to introduce Iza Login Co-Founder and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Outfit7 Limited as the newest edition to our expert judging panel.  As a Mobile App Category judge, Iza will be drawing on over 15 years of experience in the tech space to identify talented 7-17 year olds worthy of Outfit7’s life-changing prize! Continue reading

John Herlihy Mobile App Category Expert Judge!

expert judges_meet John

We are delighted to welcome John Herlihy to the Future8 expert judging panel!

As Vice President, SMB Sales at Google, John is responsible for small and medium advertising sales in Europe and EMEA. John also serves as Head of Google Ireland, which employs over 2,500 people in Dublin across diverse functions including sales, operations, engineering, legal,  human resources and finance.

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