Announcing our Awesome Content Targeting (ACT) tool: brand safety for kids content

Today, we’re pleased to announce a powerful new feature for AwesomeAds designed to provide unparalleled safety for brand engagement in the kids’ market: Awesome Content Targeting (ACT).

100% of our technology at SuperAwesome is developed specifically for the needs and requirements of the under-13 industry. 

One of the ways that AwesomeAds is able to provide the technology to deliver ads in a COPPA-compliant way is  because it has access to our marketplace, made up of hundreds of the world’s top kids’ publishers and reaching over 300M kids worldwide. 

The ACT tool takes this contextual understanding to a new level. Using machine learning, it combines:

  1. Deep content analysis of our publishers (words, reviews, comments etc.)
  2. Sentiment and association data from PopJam (kids who like brand x also like brand y) and
  3. Our extensive campaign performance history (brand x performed best with content y)
  4. Over time we’ll add 3rd party content data sources e.g. Openslate for YouTube (more on this very soon…)

The end result is a deep, contextual understanding of kids content in our marketplace beyond anything that’s been available before. You can think of it almost as a search engine for kids content operating behind the scenes, intelligently targeting kid-safe campaigns to the specific, most relevant pieces of content that kids are engaging with.

What this means for the kids’ digital advertising eco-system: 

  • For advertisers, this means more meaningful, much more sophisticated interest-based contextual targeting
  • For content owners, ACT provides safe new revenue streams by exposing more intelligence around their content

Most importantly: Because it uses a contextual content approach, ACT ensures that ads are only served around appropriate content.

We’ve always ensured the highest standards of data privacy and appropriate content in kids’ digital engagement. Today, we go one step further, guaranteeing the highest level of brand safety for both advertisers and content creators. To find out more about AwesomeAds and our ACT technology, get in touch.

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